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10 Dallas Cowboys Team Names that will Lead to Honor

by Josh Ahlstrom on 8/6/2016 11:23:00 PM
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Whether you are looking for a laugh or trying to decide on a fantasy football team name, today’s list should give you both! If you think our list of team names is the great then please be sure to share! With so many categories to choose from, it's hard to concentrate on just one but today it's fantasy football team names You don't want the lamestteam name in your group and we're here to help you avoid that. You can't really go wrong with a team name, but you can go exceedingly right! If you like any of these team names be sure to check out the Dallas Cowboys section of the site. Let’s get the ball rolling!

NOTE: All of the names below have been tagged into the group Dallas Cowboys.


Additional Categories: Creative

Want a O' BJ on Dez Nuts

Additional Categories: New York Giants, Creative, Dirty / Vulgar, Football Terms and Lingo, "Dez Bryant" "Odell Beckham Jr."

My Witten Good Looks

Additional Categories: Funny Fantasy Football Team Names, Jason Witten

DANiball LEGter

Additional Categories: Creative, Funny Fantasy Football Team Names, Movies, Old School / Vintage, Player Name Puns, Dan Bailey, Dan, Bailey, Dallas, Cowboys, Kicker, Leg, Punter, Field Goal, Uprights, Hannibal, Lecter, Hannibal Lecter, Fava Beans, Lotion in the basket, Hello Clarice, Serial Killer, Anthony, Hopkins, Anthony Hopkins, Movie, Scary, WTF, YES

There is just something about Dan Bailey. He is one scary SOB on the Dallas Cowboys that always appears calm, cold, and calculating. He likes to kick it with his Cowboy buds, literally, to help save the game, just like how Hannibal Lecter kicks back in his cell leading detectives to the killer, thus also saving the day. Nobody f***s with DANiball LEGter, cause he eats fava beans and puts the lotion (...or ball) in the basket (..uprights)!


Additional Categories: Funny Fantasy Football Team Names, Tony Romo

Romo went in his pants


Additional Categories: Funny Fantasy Football Team Names, Tony Romo


HA HA Sam luvs Dix

Additional Categories: Green Bay Packers, Creative, Current Events, Dirty / Vulgar, Funny Fantasy Football Team Names, Ha Ha Clinton Dix, Michael Sam

Perfect mosh up of NFL players names. Original

Big D perfect for Sam

Additional Categories: Current Events, Dirty / Vulgar, Michael Sam

As you can see there is no lack of creativity when it comes to creating good fantasy football team names. If you loved these team names be sure to let us know. These team names might not all be winners to you, but they will give you some ideas. Now that we have reached the end of this list you can check out even more at Now that this list has come to an end you have two choices: Wait for our next article or check out more fantasy football team names here More laughs like these can be found here Dallas Cowboys. You can create a free account and submit your own ideas!

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