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19 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names Related to NFC North Teams

by Josh Ahlstrom on 8/3/2014 11:55:39 PM
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With the calendar finally set to August, that can mean one thing for thousands of fans across the United States… Football is back! That’s right, more than enough time has passed since we last saw a competitive football game and the anticipation is getting to many of us fans. Not only does the sport kick off its regular season soon, the ramping up to fantasy football is in full effect. Mock drafts are being held daily, advice magazines and websites are fully staffed again, and pre-season trades are all being taken care of as I write.

One of the most important things that is also being done is deciding what team name is going to be used this year. Picking the right team name will set the tone for the rest of the season and if you are a fan of any team from the NFC North, here are a sampling of team names to get you started in your quest to find the best fantasy football team name. Maybe one of these will even be a perfect fit for your fantasy squad.

Va Jay Jay Cutler
When young ladies feel too umcomfortable talking about their anatomy, they often use the term va-jay-jay. When you think about Chicago Bear quarterback Jay Cutler and his “baby-ish” persona, this team name makes the most sense.

The Forte Forte Club
Matt Forte is the star running back for the Chicago Bears and we have been blessed as fantasy players to have a player who has a name that is perfect for rhyming. This fantasy team name is related to Jay Z’s 40/40 Club, which showcases the feat that only four baseball players have ever reached: 40 home runs and 40 stolen bases in the same season.

Mike Ditka in Your Mouth
If Matt Forte had a name made for creatives, Mike Ditka’s name is God-like. The former Chicago Bear linebacker and current ESPN analyst has a name that can be turned into such derogatory sounding phrases. What else can a fantasy football manager ask for?

The Cutler Did It
It is shocking that this team name hasn’t gained in popularity until this season, the ninth of Jay Cutler’s career. This name can be traced back to the cult board game that originally came out in 1949 in England.

Good as Gould
Not many fantasy football players think of the kicker when coming up with their team names, but when your kicker is as good as Robbie Gould, you’ll consider it more often. Gould is the third most accurate kicker in NFL history and has been a happy member of the Bears since 2005.

Trim Your Reggie Bush
Nobody likes a hairy bush, especially Reggie. The talented running back is the inspiration behind this hilarious team name making waves this season.

I Ansha to No One
Akwasi Owusu-Ansah is the former wide receiver for the Detroit Lions and this is something he can say at the moment, as he is still currently a free agent. With just 22 career tackles in three seasons, it may stay that way for a while.

Full Nelson Jacket
Jordy Nelson has turned into one of the best wide receivers in the NFL. With Aaron Rodgers throwing him the pigskin every Sunday, names like this one based off the movie Full Metal Jacket, will be easy to come by.

You Kuhn Do It
Not many fullbacks are as loved in their team’s city like John Kuhn. He has been with the team since 2007 and this name comes from the famous line heard throughout Adam Sandler’s movies, “You Can Do It.”

Don’t Lace Me Bro
Eddie Lacey came into the league with a lot of hype a year ago and is keeping his name going strong on the Internet because of names like this. Who could forget the hilariously terrible line uttered by a student from the University of Florida being tasered at a John Kerry forum.

Armed Rodgery
This is one of those names that many fans of the Green Bay Packers would use just because of his role. The ease in which he eats up defenses is almost like he is robbing them of everything they own.

License to Kalil
Matt Kalil is a third-year offensive tackle from USC that has a lot of talent. Just like kickers, offensive lineman don’t usually have fantasy teams named after them, but this is the rare exception to the rule.

Just Me and My Teddy
The player that will be relied upon more than any other this season is Teddy Bridgewater, the former Louisville quarterback. The Minnesota Vikings will hope for big things from the talented 21-year-old who will be the man behind this team name for many years to come.

Gentlemen Priefer Blonde Girls
Chuck Priefer is the special teams coach for the Vikings who came under fire for his alleged anti-gay slurs. By knowing that, his preference of blonde girls shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Ahh, another vulgar name related to the Hall of Famer, Mike Ditka. There isn’t much explanation needed here.

Cobra Kai L Orton
Any fan of The Karate Kid will recognize the name Cobra Kai, which some would argue has some similarities to former Chicago Bear quarterback, Kyle Orton.

How Does My Ditka Taste
When your last name sounds like a human body part, the names will just keep adding up. Some will laugh. Some will gasp. But overall, most people will just enjoy the show.

Cutler Commandos
If you had the money that Jay Cutler does, you would be shocked to find out if he ever had to go commando beneath his jersey. That being said, take this team name anyway you’d like it.

King of the North
This is a name that can apply for any confident NFC North team fan. Just be ready to explain your fantasy name if your professional team has two wins at Thanksgiving.

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