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20 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names to Inspire

by Josh Ahlstrom on 6/24/2016 12:00:19 AM
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Funny fantasy football team names is what we do, and it's time for us to do it again! If you think our list of team names is the great then please be sure to share! With so many categories to choose from, it's hard to concentrate on just one but today it's fantasy football team names You don't want the lamestteam name in your group and we're here to help you avoid that. You want to stand out and a good team name will make that happen! If you don't find what you’re looking for here, check out the complete list! I'll quit blabbing now and we'll get to the team names. Here goes!

NOTE: All of the names below have been tagged into the group Funny Fantasy Football Team Names.

I Shittu Not

Additional Categories: Philadelphia Eagles, Creative, Player Name Puns, Aziz Shittu

Inglorious Bradfords

Additional Categories: Philadelphia Eagles, Movies, Player Name Puns, Sam Bradford

Have Amari Christmas

Additional Categories: Oakland Raiders, Creative, Player Name Puns, Christmas, Amari Cooper

Andrew Out Of Luck

Additional Categories: Indianapolis Colts, Creative, Football Terms and Lingo, Player Name Puns, Andrew Luck, Luck

Bye Week

Additional Categories: Creative, Funny, Bye Week, Trick

Maybe the team your playing against will fall for it.

Teenage Newton Ninja Turtles

Additional Categories: Carolina Panthers, Creative, Movies, Player Name Puns, TV, Cam Newton, Newton, Ninja Turtles

10% Luck 20% Skittles

Additional Categories: Indianapolis Colts, Seattle Seahawks, Creative, Music, Player Name Puns, Luck, Lynch, Fort Minor

You Winston, You Lose Some

Additional Categories: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Player Name Puns, Winston, Jameis Winston

PalmHer TD`s

Additional Categories: Arizona Cardinals, Creative, Dirty / Vulgar, Player Name Puns, Carson Palmer

PalmEr TD`s

Additional Categories: Arizona Cardinals, Dirty / Vulgar, Football Terms and Lingo, Player Name Puns, Carson Palmer

Luck Rhymes w. Yuck

Additional Categories: Indianapolis Colts, Andrew luck, colts, luck


Pyrrhic Victory

Additional Categories: Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, Creative, Other, Player Name Puns, Michael Vick

Le'Veon Las Vegas

Additional Categories: Pittsburgh Steelers, Creative, Movies, Music, Player Name Puns, Le'Veon Bell

Movie and song "Leaving Las Vegas"

Forte Shadys of Cray

Additional Categories: Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, Creative, Movies, Player Name Puns, Matt Forte, LeSean McCoy

A take on Fifty Shades of Gray.

Jamaal Bout Dat Bass,No Fumble

Additional Categories: Kansas City Chiefs, Creative, Current Events, Player Name Puns, Jamaal Charles, Choke, Fumble, Loser

You Play Like A Gurley

Additional Categories: St Louis Rams, Creative, Player Name Puns, Todd Gurley


Multiple Goregasms

Additional Categories: Indianapolis Colts, Creative, Dirty / Vulgar, Player Name Puns, Frank Gore, Orgasms

Frank Gore and Orgasms combined


Additional Categories: Seattle Seahawks

Geno's Everlasting Jawdropper

Additional Categories: New York Jets, Football Terms and Lingo, Movies, Old School / Vintage, Player Name Puns, Geno Smith

A blend of Willy Wonka and the cureent events of Geno Smith getting jaw dropped.


Additional Categories: Chicago Bears, Creative, Dirty / Vulgar, Player Name Puns

With that last great item we come to the end of today’s list of fantasy football team names. Which one is your favorite. Be sure up vote it within it's catgory. We hope you found these amusing and a muse for you to create your own team name. As we know that you are looking forward to more articles related to team name ideas, have no fear we are preparing them right now! Now that this list has come to an end you have two choices: Wait for our next article or check out more fantasy football team names here More laughs like these can be found here Funny Fantasy Football Team Names. Thanks for reading!

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