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Fantasy Football Names Update - July 9 2014

by Josh Ahlstrom on 7/9/2014 4:11:38 PM
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The World Cup is winding down (what Germany did to Brazil in Brazil's own house... omg), and we're finally getting ready for the 2014 NFL season. That's right. American Football. Head smashing, body bashing,
allowed to use your hands, not allowed to use your feet, running with the ball, hot cheerleaders wearing next to nothing, fall weather, American football. I'm so excited!

But, we are still in a bit of a holding pattern waiting on the fantasy season to come around. Only the most intense fantasy football leagues have already completed signups. But there's one aspect that it isn't jumping the gun to start pondering. Coming up with an awesome team name will set you apart and all year 'round you can keep your eyes and ears open for inspiration. It might be your favorite player, team, TV show, song, or even some random current event that gives you an idea...

To that end I thought I'd point out a couple of recent articles I saw that have real potential. The names in the articles weren't great, but they were strong attempts at coming up with very focused names. I've come up with some lists before that were extremely focused and you start to really have to reach after a while. In any case, let's see
what they come up with:

The first was an article about Game Of Thrones fantasy football team names. I thought the list was okay, but was almost toooo focused. I'd like to have seen some actual puns related to the NFL thrown in there or something. But they did provide pictures so that's worth something. Basically, if you like Game of Thrones or if your league is Game of Thrones specific then you'll want to check it out.

Another interesting write up has to do with NFL rookies and which ones to avoid on your fantasy team. If you've got team name ideas for any of these guys head on over to the ultimate fantasy football names site and add them!

As always, good luck with your teams!

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