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Fantasy Football Team Names Based on 2014 Sleepers

by Josh Ahlstrom on 6/24/2014 2:18:27 PM
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When fantasy football season comes around each year a couple of questions tend to spring to mind. The first, "who will I draft" and the second, "what will I name my team". There are tons of theories about how to properly name a team (we've got our own), but that's not what this article is all about! Since many people name their team based on one or more of the players they actually draft onto their fantasy football team we often have to wait for the real team names to show up until after the draft. But that doesn't mean we can't think about it before hand! The team names in this list are all fantasy team names based on FANTASY FOOTBALL SLEEPERS. Now, we don't claim to be pros at picking the best fantasy football players, much less sleepers, so we based this off a list specified in this article by Brad Evans of the RotoArcade. So here are the names to go with the list.

Marvin Jones, Cin, WR (Yahoo ADP: 118.0, WR44)
Marvin on up!

Andrew Hawkins, Cle, WR (140+, WR70+)
Hawkish for Hawkins
The Hawkinshank Redemption

Pierre Thomas, NO, RB (116.4, RB33)
Too much Thomas For You
From Peon to Pierre

Zach Ertz, Phi, TE (105.2, TE13)
Ertz so Good!
It Ertz when I pee
The truth Ertz

Aaron Dobson, NE, WR (136.9, WR70)
Brady Airin' to Aaron

Bernard Pierce, Bal, RB (133.6, RB52)
Aim for the nards
Never Pierce a Bernard

Markus Wheaton, Pit, WR (133.5, WR69)
Just Messin Wheaton You

LaDarius Green, SD, TE (128.1, TE21)
Omg. Lol. That is LaDarius!

Justin Hunter, Ten, WR (131.5, WR67)
Hunter of the Endzone

Levine Toilolo, Atl, TE (140+, TE30+) - [pronounced La-Veen Toy-lo-lo]
Levine Las Vegas (music)

I included the team, position, and yahoo rankings projections from the article, but you should read the Brad Evans article linked above in it's entirety to get a feel for if you are interested in acquiring any of these guys. The good news is that if you do decide to take one of these guys... now you've got a name!

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