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Keep you Eye on the 5 possible draft steals for fantasy football

by Josh Ahlstrom on 7/15/2014 10:02:57 AM
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Over at Bleacher Report Garrett Baker wrote an article about players you might want to keep in mind during your fantasy football draft. They are players that are either up and coming or who had injuries that have caused them to be forgotten about by most. Odds are you can get them for cheap and get a ton of fantasy value for them as mid / late round picks. I've listed each of the players Baker mentioned along with a fantasy team name you could use related to them. I also included a short summary of his explanation for why you should be interested in these players.

Player: DeAndre Hopkins - Houston WR

Team Name: DeAndre The Giant Killer

There were 12 receivers picked in the first two rounds of the 2014 draft. That's a lot and it's likely that people will simply overlook Hopkins come fantasy draft time.

He's competing with Andre Johnson, but Andre's becoming an issue. And Even if Johnson remains in Houston, Hopkins should continue to see an uptick in production. If Johnson is traded or injured, then you drafted a No. 1 NFL receiver. Not too shabby.

Player: Toby Gerhart - Jacksonville Jags RB

Team Name: Toby or not To be

With his stranglehold on the lead role he's got tons of potential. You probably should not make him your primary running back, but he's got great value. Maybe as a No. 2 back or even a flex player. Don't let him fall to far.

Player: Dwayne Allen - Colts WR

Team Name: Playing in the Dwayne
Team Name2: When it Dwaynes it Pours

Hip injury last year at beginning of season.

Allen will come in having been largely forgotten. He will probably even be drafted after Fleener in your fantasy draft. But that's okay. Fleener doesn't really seem to have big play ability and Allen could easily take over that role.

Player: Terrance West - RB Cleveland
Team Name: Go West Young Man

I suggest a super late pick, but when Tate inevitably gets banged up, it will be all West, and you can probably wait until the last round or even add him as an undrafted free agent.

Player: Kendall Wright - TN Titans WR.
Team Name: Wright as Dwayne
Team Name2: Wright to Lose to Me

With 64 catches in 2012 and 94 in 2013, Wright has proven himself as someone to get you points every week.

Reliability is hard to come by at the receiver position and if you can get it in middle to late rounds it's a big plus.

Alright, that's it. Got any ideas for team names involving these guys? Submit them so everyone can enjoy them or add them to the comments below.

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